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Fic Rec: Transcendence

Author: Savage7289

Summary: Ehd doesn't know how the woman ended up in his pit trap, he just knows he wants to protect her and provide for her in any way he can. She sure does make a lot of noises with her mouth, though. Caveward is born!

Rated M:  Hurt/Comfort/Romance - WIP

Chapters: 19

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Okay, so I know this sounds completely weird and not even remotely cute. The only reason I started reading it in the first place was because savage is writing it. And regardless of how much she has frustrated me in the past, she is actually a very good author. This fic is very sweet and weird and it's mostly just Edward's internal monologue, and he's very cute. Savage always writes her Edward's and Bella's very well imo. I haven't read anything like this before, and it's always refreshing to see a new fic that hasn't been done a billion times already. 

It updates pretty much everyday (one or two chapters a day) and they're very short. It makes for a nice read :D

Tags: fic rec, wip fics
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