skeptwinny (skeptwinny) wrote in beatinsideme,

Minor Changes to Beat Inside Me

 Hola!  Ok so Angie and I have discussed doing some minor changes to Beat Inside Me.  It's been pretty dead at the community lately and I've noticed that a lot of people who do post here are also on twitter.  What would you guys think of us utilizing the twitter more?  We'd do fic recs and stuff that we do over here but over there instead.  I know I personally read a lot of fics but rarely come over here to make a post (call it laziness i guess).  I imagine it's the same for a lot of us.  You'd still be more than welcome to come over here to post, especially if you have any personal comments you want to make about the fic you're recommending, and we can still do discussion posts whenever you guys want.  But you would also be able to tweet us fic rec's and we can RT them or something.  Please let us know in the comments what you think, or tweet us at @beatinsideme.  
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